Fuel Better > Snack Often: Simply Snackin’ Founder Sue Kramlich Explains Logo Change

Fuel Better > Snack Often: Simply Snackin’ Founder Sue Kramlich Explains Logo Change

Posted by Chris S. Cornell on 4th Aug 2021

With little fanfare, Simply Snackin’ recently unveiled a new logo.

Most fans of Simply Snackin’s beef and chicken snacks probably didn’t even notice the change, which involved the replacement of the words “snack often” with the words ”fuel better”.

Simply Snackin’ founder Sue Kramlich explained why she believes the revision, although small, was important.

“From day one, our mission at Simply Snackin' has involved crafting on-the-go protein snacks that nourish. The idea of ‘snacking often’ seemed alright within the context of a diet consisting of healthy foods, but in light of our current health and nutrition environment, we have decided that highlighting the emphasis we place on food quality is far more important than food frequency.”

Simply Snackin

According to a 2018 study conducted by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Gillings School of Global Public Health, only 1 in 8 Americans is achieving optimal metabolic health.

“While those alarming numbers are obviously the result of many factors, the hyperpalatable, high-sugar, low-protein foods that make up such a large percentage of our diets can’t possibly be a good thing,” said Kramilch.

“From start to finish we are committed to quality,” said Kramlich. “Our recipes are authentic & include only real ingredients and a time honored process which results in snacks with nutritional value and amazing flavor—supporting a lifestyle of health & wellness.”

Kramlich is a big believer in prioritizing protein in the diet, and has personally seen the benefits of adopting therapeutic carbohydrate restriction. She and Simply Snackin’ also actively support organizations and individuals whose actions are aligned with healthy lifestyles.

Simply Snackin’ has published numerous feature articles on its website featuring world class athletes as well as practitioners and others who endorse and follow a healthy lifestyle.

One of those articles featured Dr. Ted Naiman, a Washington-based physician who developed the popular protein:energy (P:E) ratio.

The foundation of the P:E ratio, according to Naiman, is that adding high protein foods to the diet actually makes eating fewer carbs and fats easier. He explains that humans are programmed to eat until they have consumed an adequate quantity of protein—even if that means they have to significantly overeat carbohydrate and fat energy to accomplish that.

What that means for most of us, according to Naiman, is that by eating more higher protein foods, we will become satiated sooner, and are likely to consume less total carbohydrates and fat.

And greater satiety eliminates the need to snack constantly.

A key point, according to Naiman, is to avoid foods that are high in both carbs and fats. “Foods high in both fat and carbs are rarely found in nature,” Naiman said. “They hijack our satiety and drive us to overeat.”

“We’re still a believer in healthy, protein-rich, nutritious snacks,” said Kramlich, “and we like the idea of snacking on your own terms, and doing so strategically.”

All 10 of Simply Snackin’s beef and chicken flavors have a P:E ratio of greater than 1.0.

P:E ratios of Simply Snackin’s flavors:

For more information about the P:E ratio and Dr. Ted Naiman's book, The P:E Diet, read Physician Ted Naiman Explains "Magic" of the Protein:Energy Diet.

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