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At Simply Snackin' our mission continues to be crafting on-the-go protein snacks that nourish. From start to finish we are committed to quality. Our recipes are authentic & include only real ingredients and a time honored process which results in snacks with nutritional value AND amazing flavor - supporting a lifestyle of health & wellness. 

 Starting with the main ingredient - nutritious protein from grass fed beef or chicken breast sourced from farms where animals are raised without the use of antibiotics or added hormones. 

These lean, tender proteins are mixed with a non-GMO seasoning blend that includes ancient sea salt harvested from mines in the USA; an unrefined ingredient that is mineral rich and full of flavor!

The seasoning blend also includes organic coconut sugar - a delicious unrefined alternative to cane sugar, sustainably grown & harvested.  Just a pinch of coconut nectar initiates the natural fermentation process which results in a truly developed depth of flavor.

While grass fed beef stars on its own in the Signature Beef BOLD Original snack the other 9 flavors are authentically crafted with added  ingredients that include dried fruits or dried veggies - real ingredients that add nutritional value, flavor or tenderness!

Ingredients are mixed & the snacks are then naturally fermented, leisurely roasted & lightly smoked.  An authentic process creating 10 AMAZING snack flavors - all Delicious & Nutritious, Naturally!







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