Simply Snackin is Scientifically Proven!

Simply Snackin meat strips were recently used in a South Dakota State University study performed by the university’s health and nutritional sciences department. The study confirmed that lean red meat is one of the best absorbable sources of iron, which many athletes are deficient in.

 Professor Kendra Kattelman, who performed the study, stated the following reasons for using Simply Snackin meat snacks for her study, “The runners (test subjects) liked the flavors and they were easy to consume.  The advantage of your meat snack is that it is lower sodium than other beef jerky.”  Read the full study below..

A review of our snacks by the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America.

We've been recommended in "The Pinterest Diet Book"!

US News Health recommends Simply Snackin for kids school lunches!

Fox News recommends Simply Snackin for diabetics!

Product Overview
Simply Snackin® Product Overview
Simply Snackin® is a naturally delicious line of gourmet meat snacks with absolutely no artificial ingredients.
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Product Nutrition Information
Simply Snackin®Product Nutrition Information
Want to know the nutrition details about our products? Get them by clicking on the link below!
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Press Release - October 2012
Simply Snackin® Introduces ALL NATURAL World’s Best 60 Calorie on-the-go Protein Snack
Simply Snackin®, a family owned business based in Oshkosh, WI offers 6 all natural gourmet dried meat snacks during FNCE 2012 at Expo Booth #675 in the Natural and Organic Pavilion. While similar in appearance to jerky these snacks offer much more in taste and tenderness.
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10 Healthy Halloween Snacks - October 2012
Has your Halloween candy left you feeling less than healthy?
Click below to check out the full story from Diane Henderiks, R.D. Personal Chef/Culinary Nutritionist
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Bites on Today Blog - January 2012
'Hungry Girl': 10 ways to beat the snack attack under 200 calories
Want to munch on satisfying snacks that taste great but don’t add lots of extra calories and fat grams to your daily diet? Try these smart suggestions from Lisa Lillien, host of “Hungry Girl” on the Food Network, and stick to your diet resolution!
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Hungry Girl Newsletter - December 2010
Year in Review: Our TOP ATE Finds of 2010!
These are the greatest things we started chewing & sipping this year...
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Hungry Girl Newsletter - May 2010
World's Best 50-Calorie On-the-Go Protein Snack!
Warning: If you love delicious high-protein snacks, reading this may send you over the edge. Healthy Snackin's Simply Snackin Dried Gourmet Meat Snacks may very well be the BEST jerky-ish treats we have EVER tasted. (We say "-ish" because these take jerky to a WHOLE new level!) Seriously.
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Weight Watchers – Just a Little Something Part 2 - 2010

"Hungry Girl Goes... to the Office!" – Lisa Lillien 2010

Today's Dietician – April 2010
Healthy Snackin Serves Up Flavorful Meat Snacks
Healthy Snackin has introduced Simply Snackin gourmet meat snacks made from quality cuts of meat, spices, and a natural smoking process.

Simply Snackin features six varieties, including Dried Teriyaki Chicken Breast With Papayas and Mangoes and Dried Beef Sirloin With Apples and Cherries.

The savory flavor and tenderness result from the combination of 100% all-natural beef sirloin and chicken breast, up to 20% dried fruit, and a leisurely roasting process. All six flavors in the Simply Snackin line are high in protein and low in fat, sugar, and sodium. They contain no trans fats or added MSG, and four varieties are gluten-free.

Wisconsin Trails - August 2010
Wisconsin Marketplace
Take a Bite of Healthy Snackin's gourmet meat snacks and you know right away this isn’t your ordinary beef jerky. The snacks feature all-natural fruits and meats, and at only 60 calories and with 8-10 grams of protein each, they provide a great burst of energy without adding to your waistline.

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