NORTHWOODS Beef with Cranberries & Blueberries Snack

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This Tender Protein snack recipe starts with LEAN, 100% Grass Fed BEEF - which is then paired with  two Berries typically harvested from the North Woods - Cranberries & Blueberries.  Mixed with a non-GMO Seasoning Blend which includes Ancient Pink Sea Salt (from mines in the USA)& Unrefined Organic Coconut Sugar. Naturally Fermented, Leisurely Roasted & Lightly Smoked.  And now you have a snack that is tender, delicious and so satisfying! Protein snacks don't get any better - view our testimonials.



  • high protein low carb: 8g protein  3g sugar
  • no artificial flavors or colors - made with Real ingredients for a snack that is Delicious & Nutritious, Naturally
  • gluten free, tender & lean
  • paleo/keto friendly snack
  • fuel better
  • convenient protein to go snacks - keep a stash on hand for nutritious refueling anywhere, any time


23 Reviews

  • 5
    OMG-The Best

    Posted by Geri on 12th Jun 2015

    After reading other reviews and a shout out from Hungry Girl, I decide to try the Simply Snackin Cranberry & Blueberry Beef and the Apple Cherry Beef. It only took one bite for me to fall in love and know that this would be my new "go to snack." I work in a school office where goodies are brought in daily - temptation just got a lot easier to resist! I was so thrilled after testing the Cranberry & Blueberry that I didn't hesitate a moment to write this review - now I've got to go - Apple Cherry Beef is calling my name!

  • 5
    Extreme Satisfaction

    Posted by Deborah Wunder on 11th Jun 2015

    This was delicious, and very filling. The product was moist enough to really enjoy, and I will definitely be ordering this again.

  • 5
    Delicious protein snack!

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Apr 2015

    Not too sweet, just enough savory. This one works well for snacks when traveling. Love it!

    I think this one is more interesting than the pineapple one because in this one you can really taste the fruit's characteristics, not just a fruity sweetness.

    And the texture is good, too.

  • 4
    good stuff

    Posted by jane on 4th Oct 2014

    I liked this jerky but would love to try a spicier one. maybe peppered?

  • 5
    Tender jerky

    Posted by Mary E Parks on 5th Jun 2014

    Delicious and high protein. Works well with Weight Watchers program. Travels well.

  • 5
    Perfect for travel

    Posted by SB on 21st Mar 2014

    I travel a lot and this is the perfect snack - easy to carry and so good.

  • 5
    Very Tasty Treat- grab on the go perfect satifying snack

    Posted by JT on 6th Sep 2013

    You'll never find better beef jerky than this! I've tried other flavors and some of the chicken- they're all good but this is my favorite.
    Great protein boost at 8g, 60 calories and simply delicious and nutritious. I'm hooked!

  • 5
    Best Snack Ever

    Posted by Tina Viera on 10th Jun 2013

    These snacks taste so good and sodium content is way below what regular jerky is. I love them!

  • 4
    Great snack

    Posted by B.B. on 17th May 2013

    The Cranberry/Blueberry jerky is a little peppery for my taste, but I still enjoy it and keep some in my purse for snack emergencies.

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